Feng Shui Chi Lin


This pair of immaculately crafted Protective Chi Lin is ideal to guard entrances of homes and business premises from harm and thefts. The Male Chi Lin is shown stepping on a ball while the Female has its claws on the belly of a baby-Chi Lin. The Male Chi Lin stepping on a ball/globe represents authority and command while the Female Chi Lin resting her foot on her cub symbolizes protection and loyalty. Place them facing outward on both sides of the main door or gate. Always place the male on the left and the female on the right (inside looking out).

The Chi Lin, also known as Kei Loon, is the Chinese Unicorn, a legendary creature with head of a dragon, scales of carp upon the body of a horse, and a tail consisting of little curls. It is sometimes called the dragon horse, a mythical creature that has a lot of legends and stories associated to it.

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