Metal – how we can energise the different corners of the house

Chi, which according to Feng Shui is the energy around us, is composed of five elements: metal, water, fire, earth, and wood. In this article let me explain how you can energize the different corners of the house with various objects made from metal.

  • Beautiful silver frames with pictures of your children could be placed in the west. The west area in Feng Shui is associated with children, creativity, and future projects. To strengthen these introduce silver and other metals in the west.
  • If you are looking for success in your career, place a turtle made of metal in the north. If you plan to place this turtle in the living room, you should keep it over a metallic plate filled with water. You should change the water daily. In case you intend to place the turtle in the North of the bedroom, then don’t have water.
  • Whether you wish to travel for work or for pleasure, you can strengthen the northwest- the travel area- by placing a metallic model airplane and a metallic globe.
  • Display all the metal trophies that your children have won in the west. This will strengthen their luck and bring more success.
  • You can hang wind chimes made of metal both in the north and the west. A six-rod metallic wind chime should be hung in the north while a seven-rod metallic wind chime should be hung in the west.
  • Wrought iron tables, chairs, or furniture made from any metal should be placed in the north, west, or north-west.
  • Metallic pots with sunflowers should be placed in the west of the living room. This helps energize the children’s area.
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