Feng Shui Energised Protection Card


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Feng Shui Energised Protection Card, In the Buddhist religion, Jambala is the wealth-giving form of Avalokiteśvara or Chenrezig, the Bodhisattva of Compassion. Jambala’s blessings are to help others by eliminating poverty, so that one may focus on the path or spirituality more effectively. Over time there evolved not one but five wealthy deities as per Feng  Shui, each with his own mantra and practice to help eradicate poverty and create financial stability. All five Jambalas are viewed as protectors of wealth, abundance, and prosperity and all carry the jewel-spouting object or animal-like mongoose or jewel in one of their hands. It is this mongoose/wealth ingot/coin/jewel that causes wealth to flow into your home when you keep the Jambala card with noble intention. You can buy this Golden Plated wafer-thin good luck card Talisman in your bag, purse, or wallet and keep this card handy always to stay afloat from financial troubles.


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