Feng Shui Fly atop Horse


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Feng Shui Fly atop Horse features a large fly perched on the back of a gorgeous prancing horse. The agility and grace of the magnificent horse coupled with fine detailing and resplendent trappings are beautifully captured, resulting in a remarkably exquisite and eye-catching work of art.

In Feng Shui, Horses have long been associated to enhance career luck and business opportunities. This symbolism is heightened with the presence of the Fly. The word for Fly in Chinese reads 苍蝇 (Cāng Yíng) which sounds like “constantly win”.
The Feng Shui Fly atop Horse is perfect for career-minded men and women and those who are vying for a promotion. Display in the North sector which supports career based on Pakua’s Aspiration Life Theory or on your work desk. It will help you triumph over tough competition in your office and enable easier promotional opportunities. At the same time, you feel vibrant and energetic and your relationships with colleagues improve, gaining support and help from both subordinates and superiors.


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