Feng Shui Ru Yi Sceptre


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The Feng Shui Ru Yi Sceptre, or the “sceptre of power”, is one of the most influential feng shui symbol of authority, guidance and command. In ancient China, the Ru Yi was used by almost everyone in the Imperial courts and offices, as well as government officials and Dynasty empresses. The Ru-yi is a very useful tool to have when one is in search of greater authority or wishes to be promoted to a higher position in their career. It can be used not only in business, but also in general life. It is a necessity for people such as CEOs, directors, managers or politicians, all of whom are seeking to climb further up on the ladder of their career.

Placing it on a desk in a prominent position is believed to cause the Feng Shui Ru Yi to create a unique chi, which will have the ability to increase career luck, generate respect and recognition, and create a smooth flow in all business ventures embarked upon.


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