How to Energise your Dining Area as per Feng Shui

The dining room is the place where family members or guests sit and take meals, and it should be spacious enough so as to accommodate the dining table, chairs, and inmates, guests. It should not be close to the entrance door but should be nearer to the kitchen.

  • An ideal place for a dining room is in the corner of the living room.
  • The dining table should not point towards the front door.
  • A dining table according to the Feng Shui principles should be rectangular, square, round, or pakua shaped. The corners of dining tables should be round, even if they are rectangular or square.
  • Round tables are ideal as they afford the guest to converse with each other.
  • Avoid marble-topped or glass/glass-topped tables and use metal or wooden tables.
  • Mirrors should be fixed in the dining room as they give the impression of double the amount of food being served apart from this they also make a small dining room look larger.
  • Chinese prefer to carve the mouth of dragon and pearl in the furniture of this room. They also display figures of the three Taoist Gods so that they are blessed with happiness prosperity and longevity.
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