Sheng Chi: The Good Luck Feng Shui Energy

Chi (energy) is an essential ingredient in the study of Feng Shui. This energy has been described as many things: Cosmic Breath, Life Force, Prana, etc. Yet chi is more than that; it is both tangible and intangible and always in a constant state of change. This change is vital to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. If there is no change then chi is said to be stagnant or blocked. You may encounter illness, depression, or aches and pains. When chi in your environment is blocked, it is also reflected in your life. You should experience relationship difficulties, problems in business, or general ‘bad’ luck.

Lucky and prosperous energy is known as Sheng Chi. In this state, chi is flowing and in balance. Sheng Chi brings progress, satisfaction, fertility, happiness, and abundance, in wealth, In contrast, Sha Chi is known as bad or unlucky energy. If it is imbalanced, it brings problems, obstructions, sickness, setbacks, and accidents.

In your environment, this energy can be made up of ugly or unsightly structures, certain road formations, or sharp and pointed structures. These formations are said to bring signs of body deformation, had mental health, body illness, and also bad wealth luck. Therefore, it has become a priority for houses seekers to look for areas without ugly external forms. A common poison arrow and T-junction homes are traditionally considered to be unlucky, bringing with them misfortune, and possibly even death. This is because the energy brought into the home by the road is very forceful. Houses at T-junctions bring very strong influences to the house. However, if this T-junction is bringing in the prosperous energy of the current 20 year period, it could mean that the occupants of the new house will prosper very quickly.

However, occupants must be cautious for when the auspicious energy wanes at the end of that period, they will find that it will just as quickly bring bad luck to the house.

Living next door to a graveyard is another common bad formation. Energy from the graveyard is yin and human beings are yang. Therefore, it is not our advantage to live too close to a graveyard. According to the Chinese Five Elements, graveyards are filled with earth energy. Living surrounded by this energy occupants will find that they have missed opportunities or that they can be unreasonable and stubborn.

Characteristics of the home’s occupants are said to be affected by the surrounding road formation. A Y-shaped road signifies unfaithfulness. Living on the curved side of a bow-shaped road signifies promiscuous women. Roads in the shape of a bent leg signify leg problems and often there will be someone lame in the house. By planting a hedge or building a wall to block off the view of these roads you can lessen its degree of destructiveness.

HOW TO IDENTIFY SHENG CHI LOCATIONS: When you are living on the embracing side of a river or road, this formation is said to bring lots of auspiciousness and wealth. It is also lucky if your home is in the vicinity of winding water. City dwellers probably will not be near ‘real’ water so streets and roads are then measured as virtual water. Some roads could be formations that bring glad tidings which could be in the form of recognition or money.

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