3 Legged Frog on Wish Fulfilling Elephant – Golden


Wealth Frog on wish fulfilling Elephant is a striking representation of the Elephant with its trunk raised in victory and standing on a bed of gold ingots and auspicious coins to signify good fortune. On its back is a three legged frog. The Elephant is a strong symbol of strength, wisdom and courage; whereas the 3 legged money Frog is a famous Feng Shui symbol as a wealth attractor. Combined together, the figurine of the 3 Legged Frog on Wish Fulfilling Elephant is ideal for those who wish for a boost in their career and financial status. Place the 3 Legged Frog on Wish Fulfilling Elephant prominently on your work desk facing outwards in your office for protection and good luck in your career or business.

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The Wish-fulfilling Elephant is a prominent symbol of strength, protection, wisdom, dignity, leadership qualities and courage. The Money Toad, on the other hand, is well-known symbol of excellent wealth luck. When these two auspicious animals are combined, they mean stability and victory in your career and business and your quest in money-making. Promotion and salary increment is secured. It also means your wealth being protected while at the same time more are rolling in.

You can display the Money Toad on Wish-Fulfilling Elephant in your office, study or living hall.


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