Laughing Buddha Crystal


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A happy Laughing Buddha This Energy Sculpture Displays an array of Positive Symbols: Chinese Lucky Coins (Cash Flow), Gold Ingots or Nuggets (Jewelry & Assets), Peach (Prosperity), Sacred Fruit Wou-lou or Hue-Lu (Health), String of Magical Beads (Mental Peace), Bag or Riches containing Gold Ingots, Coins, Precious Stones (Abundance), Magical Wish Granting Instrument Rue-Yi (Power, Authority, Respect, Status, Success), Pine Apple (Wealth and Financial Opportunity) and white Radish (Health Luck). The White Emperor Horse represents Great Success, Fame, Fortune, Grand Position in the Society and Great Emperor Luck. A fantastic Fengshui Enhancer that every house hold needs to have. Direction: Shang I or anywhere except in bedroom or straight opposite to the entrance.