Five Elements : Five Personalities as per Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui, all energy is expressed in one of five-way: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. People’s personalities can also be described in terms of five elements. Fire types are wild and impulsive, while earth types stable and sensuous. Metal types are adventurous and open-minded. If you’re looking to attract a certain type of lover the following Feng Shui cures can do the job.

Want a Vivacious Adventurer?
Implement fire cures in your bedroom. Red candles will attract a lover who is impulsive, ardent, and passionate. Be sure to light the candles for a few minutes every evening. Applying fragrant essential oils to light bulbs can also draw a spicy lover into your boudoir. Abstract, colorful artwork acts like a magnet on these lovers. An oriental carpet with rich splashes of red can also do the trick. Do you already have a partner and want to spice up your sex life? Invest in a wooden four-poster bed frame that doesn’t have a canopy. Cover the bed with scarlet, burgundy, or rose-colored sheets.

Seeking a Secure Soul Mate?
Use earth cures in the bedroom. Choose heavy substantial furniture to attract a partner of substance. Decorate the room with sensual earth tones like brown, cream, brick, and pumpkin. These hues will appeal to a lover who is loyal hardworking, and calm. Applying a small amount of peppermint essential oil to light bulbs is also a good way to promote stability in your love life. Identical night lamps with ceramic bases will lend permanence to your relationship, as well as a canopy bed or a sturdy bed frame with a footboard. Splurge on sheets with the highest thread count possible if you want a mate who will cherish and adore you.

Crave a Partner with Impeccable Manners?
Use metal cures in the bedroom. Select furnishings that are unusual because of their shape or size. This will attract a lover who is thoughtful and refined. Placing six white candles on a mirrored tray is sure to draw just search a person into your life. Be sure to light candles for a few minutes each night. Lightweight curtains that allow the sun to penetrate through them will add creativity and spontaneity to your love life. If your relationship lacks intimacy invest in a bed with a metal headboard. This will promote an “us-against-the-world” dynamic. White sheets with a satin finish will encourage innovative love-making.

Searching for a Sensitive Artist?
Implement water cures in your bedroom. Low lighting plenty of plump pillows, and plush fabrics are powerful lures for a sensitive artist. Be sure to keep the television out of your bedroom if you yearn for such a partner, or you’ll spend more time watching movies than making love. A white noise mechanism will hold this lover’s attention as it helps drown out distractions. Dreamy watercolors or photos of seascapes will lend a satisfying sweetness to your love life. If you’ve had difficulty expressing your emotions to your partner in a healthy way, invest in a sleigh bed. Cover the bed with soft sheets that have an undulating pattern. This will encourage tender lovemaking with transcendental power.

Prefer a Partner with a Big Intellect?
Put wood cures in your bedroom. Flourishing plants, leggy furniture, and stripped fabrics will attract the attention of a brainy lover. Lamps that cast light up toward the ceiling will keep your relationship energetic and refreshing. If you want a relationship that is always growing and changing, choose wall hangings that run on a vertical slant, rather than a horizontal one. This will attract witty intellectuals like bees to a flower. Choose a wooden bed frame with stubborn, stuffy lovers in the past. Cover the bed with green or striped sheets. This will encourage sexual exploration as well as stimulating conversations.

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