Feng Shui Coin Sword


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This magical Feng Shui Coin Sword, known as “Pi Hsieh” in Chinese which means “coin sword that wards off the evil”, was used by Taoist priests in ancient China. It is considered a powerful guardian against the killing breath (“shar chi”) which often brings in all the bad things.
The feng shui coin sword is made with authentic Chinese coins, stringed together with red threads and hand-crafted into the shape of a coin sword. It is believed that the red thread boosts the energy of the coins. Moreover these coins are made from fine metals such as brass and bronze (which enhances the power of the Metal element).
They are placed near the entrance so that the tip is towards the floor, and facing any nearby windows or doors. Doing so will safeguard all family members from any form of damage (physical, political or financial). It will also repress bad intentions around your workplace/home, which are the cause of theft, lawsuits and other forms of misfortune. If you choose to place the Coin Sword above your main door, pointing downwards, it will also attack any enemies who enter the workplace/home.


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