Feng Shui Love Birds

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Feng Shui Love Birds when displayed in the bedroom/home symbolizes recognition and renown, love and fidelity, and even inspire a departed lover to return. A beautiful pair of loving swans figurine enjoying each other’s company and seated on a bouquet of flowers, made out of poly-resin stone.

Everyone knows that swans mate for life. They are therefore, besides Mandarin Ducks, a favorite symbol for the energy of love and life long devotion in relationships and marriages. They represent marital fidelity and a union that is happy and blissful. Place them in the living room or bedroom to attract good relationship and good fortune luck.

The swan bears a multitude of symbolic meaning: Grace, Love, Beauty, Purity, Elegance, Transformation, Peace, Tranquility, Calmness and Balance. Swans feature strongly in many cultures across the world.

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