Sau Seng Kong and Sau Seng Poh


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Having these auspicious figurines in your home will bless the patriarch and matriach with good health and long life. The God and Goddess of Longevity (Sau Seng Kong and Sau Seng Poh) is an excellent Feng Shui symbol of longevity. Very well suited as a birthday gift for grandfathers and grandmothers. Sau is one of the three Star Deities Fuk Luk Sau. He is one of the most popular and well-known deities in Chinese history, legend and literature. Originally, he was known as the “Star of Longevity” (Shou Xing) or the “Star of the South Pole”. Shou Xing occupied a very important position in star worshipping. This star was highly revered in ancient China because it is seen as a powerful might, and people always looked to it for guidance and support. It was believed that this star could control the length of a human’s life span, as well as the destiny of the nation. After centuries, Shou Xing is believed to became endowed with characteristics of a mortal, and his name changed to “Old Man on the South Pole”, “Nan-ji Xian-weng” in Chinese, which is the God of Longevity as we know today.


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