Top 10 Free Feng Shui Tips

Here are ten new Feng Shui tips for this week that will make a positive difference in your lives.

  • If it’s necessary for you to have a staircase inside your house, then try to locate it in the West, South, or Southwest. The staircase should never be located in the center, as according to Feng Shui principles this is detrimental to the health of occupants.
  • Feng Shui recommends that you should not have a prayer room in the bedroom of the house. It’s best to have a separate, clearly demarcated area for worship.
  • Does your work demand that you tour a lot? In that case, wherever you sleep, whether in a hotel or a guesthouse, try to sleep with your head towards one of your auspicious directions.
  • Having clutter in the car is not considered Feng Shui friendly. Most of us place objects at the back of the car and forget all about them. Sudden braking causes these objects to fall all around. The car should be kept as clean as our house or workplace.
  • Feng Shui objects should never be placed at the floor level. Even the three-legged frog, which is often hidden underneath the table, should be placed on a stand. I have placed mine on a marble stand underneath the table.
  • Introduce a lot of green in the interior of your kitchen. Good directions for the kitchen are the east or the southeast. The kitchen however should not be the first thing one sees on entering the house. It should not be in the center of the house or close to the toilet.
  • Paintings of sunflowers or bamboo plants greatly enhance the eastern sector.
  • Crystals gather dust and may lose their effectiveness over a period of time. A good remedy would be to reactivate them on a full moon night by placing them where they can receive the moon’s rays. Next morning place again in the appropriate areas.
  • As far as possible, avoid L-shaped tables at your workplace as these, according to Feng Shui reduce opportunities.
  • While displaying Feng Shui objects and cures at home or at work, do ensure that these are proportionate in size to the area where they will be placed. A very big aquarium in a tiny room is not considered appropriate.
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